Pegasus Wallpapers 2023

I am currently working on 4 wallpaper designs based on my animation ‘The Masque of Blackness Re-Imagined’ (2018).

The wallpaper designs are all hand drawn and are inspired by the 18th Century, French Toile de Jouy, narrative, wallpapers and Ancient Chinese Scroll paintings.  The work explores the use of repetition in wallpaper, and it’s connection to animation. The designs, when viewed over time, allow the viewer to animate the repeated images and scenes for themself.

The 4 wallpaper designs continue the narrative from ‘The Masque of Blackness Re-Imagined’ with images of Pegasus, representing wisdom and peace, and Hermes, the time traveling grey seal, who guides and protects. I hope these much loved images will bring a sense of peace, calm and joy to the viewer and to the room they inhabit.

The wallpapers are digitally printed and will be available in many different colour ways, from February 2024!