Tibet – A Plea for Peace 1993

Epoh travelled to Dharamasala in northern India in 1992 to spend time in the Tibetan refugee community. She stayed in a Tibetan monastery for four months. Epoh was travelling in the footsteps of her great great uncle, Reginald Beech, who lived on a houseboat in Kashmir. He was a Great Gamer (a spy for the British Government in the Himalayas) and a photographer during the late 19th century. He had travelled with Colonel Francis Younghusband on his expeditions. Whilst Epoh was in Dharamsala she met many remarkable Tibetan monks and nuns, several of whom had been badly tortured in Chinese prisons. They would tell Epoh their stories while she drew them. These works were painted out of love the Tibetan people and out of respect for their immense wisdom and compassion in the face of the enormous suffering they had endured.




Exhibition at The Turtle Key Arts Centre, London SW6