The Marriage of the Thames and the Rhine March 2010

March 2nd-7th 2010

A hand drawn animation and related charcoal drawings.

Exhibition-lr Exhibiton-32-lr

To view images and the animation see ‘Drawings and Animation‘.

The Gallery in Redchurch Street
50 Redchurch Street
London E2 7DP

Please read press release on the ‘The marriage of the Thames and the Rhine’ exhibition.

The work shown was a 5 minute hand drawn animation, drawn in charcoal and exhibited with related charcoal drawings. It shows the geographical, historical and cultural relationship between the Thames and Rhine. Hermes, (as a seal) and Pegasus appear as symbols of the imagination traveling free without the limits and constraints of time and history to be witnesses and our guides.

During the ice age 10, 000 years ago the Thames and the Rhine were one river, geographically united. In 1613 the Masque of the Inner Temple and Gray’s Inn, ‘The marriage of the Thames and the Rhine’ was written and performed in London to celebrate the marriage of an English Princess, Elizabeth (James 1 daughter) to a German Elector, Frederick, symbolically linking the two rivers in love. The Opera of Lohengrin (the Swan Knight) and The Ring by Richard Wagner are both set by the Rhine, they add to the romance surrounding the river.

The theme of unity, of land, people and culture is woven through the work.

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